Available now are the same classic Minilites wheels as raced on by legends such as Penske, Shelby and Parnelli Jones in the tough American SCCA Trans Am series as well as Moffat, Geoghegan, Jane and Beechey in the equally tough Australian Touring Car Championship.

These are exactly the same as the classic race winning wheels of the 60's and 70's but now cast in durable competition grade heat treated alloy and still made by Minilite in the UK.

Suitable for that classic race car or tough street car in 15" diameter and 8" , 9" or 10" width.

A limited run of 10" width are currently available and are perfect to fill those huge rear guards on the 2 door Falcon Coupes.

Available to suit most Falcons, Mustangs, Corvettes, Camaro, Torana, Monaro and Porsches and Chargers.
Common applications may be ex stock Sydney with others to order from the UK.

Backspace (BS) is measured from the back of the mounting hub to the outermost edge of the inner rim.

15 x 8” BS range 3 7/8”
to 4 ½”
$695 per wheel
15 x 9 ” BS range 3 7/8”
to 5 1/8”
$895 per wheel
15 x 10 ” BS range 4 ¾”
to 6 ”
$995 per wheel
Wheels are sold singly with caps and
conical seat chrome nuts.

Contact: David Livian

Phone: 0419 302 333

Email: minilite@bossman.com.au

Postal: PO Box 302, Enfield 2136